Monday, June 15, 2009


  • the pigeon who thinks he’s a shorebird… I’d like to think my gentle spirit made him willing to walk right up to me, although my keen intellect knows he more likely was looking to be fed (I'm thinking that if I were a pigeon, I'd come live at the beach, too...)
  • the two young twenty-something guys running while carrying on a conversation… not being able to climb a flight of stairs without dirty phone call quality panting, I was mesmerized.
  • the two friends, one fair skinned with curly red hair and the other deep bronze with flowing blonde hair
  • the surfer who despite not having any surfable waves, instead stands on his board and slowly paddles himself gondola-style down the coast…
  • the young mom and her two-year-old bare naked daughter looking for shells at the shoreline
  • the two eleven or twelve year old boys playing in the water with no one around to watch them
  • the crowd of young rowdies smoking, drinking and cursing like sailors, but clearly having fun
  • the entire bag of plastic trash I picked up just in my small area of the beach, including water bottles, bottle caps, cigarette packs and the plastic ring from a four-pack of cans
  • the sizable piece of coral whose discovery holds special significance only I could appreciate… that I really needed to find

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