Sunday, June 14, 2009 doing it up Caribbean style.

Breakfast at noon is awesome. Especially when it's the traditional Jamaican spice bread, mango and cheese. Mmmmm. Oh. And did I mention the view?

I obviously had some sleep to catch up on. Let's just say I didn't make sunrise today. Or high noon, for that matter. When I *did* finally wake up, though, I saw the beautiful view I have in daylight for the first time. Awe. some.

This resort is small. There are only 13 units. This one clearly has the best view of any of them. I'm on the second floor with a clear view of the beach, palm trees and all. The two huge front windows of my unit look right out onto the ocean. Bonus? The window frame is such that when I sit on the east-facing couch, the cross rail blocks out everyone sitting on the beach. From here it looks like were I to venture down to the shore, it would just be me and the boats.

Bob Marley is telling me every little thing is going to be alright. Correct you are, Mr. Marley. Message received.

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