Sunday, June 14, 2009


  • the two fifty-something friends (maybe sisters?), one clearly wanting to talk, the other clearly wanting to walk
  • the older man far out in the water who persisted in scaring me by doing the dead man’s float for extended periods of time
  • the cigarette boater who shook my beach chair gunning his way up the coast
  • the eighteen or nineteen year old girl by herself having a heated argument with someone (probably her boyfriend) on her cell phone
  • the two girl pit bulls (one gray, one white) and their daddies coming down to play in the surf… the gray girl couldn’t figure out if she was chasing the waves, or if the waves were chasing her… the white girl wanted no part of any of it… they were both so beautiful
  • the father and daughter, or May-Decembers (?), walking with purpose
  • the twenty-something couple clearly on a first date... and enjoying it

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