Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Getcha' some.

So yesterday I took my own advice and decided to get out and meet people. I joined a local artists/crafters group I found through Meet Up. I was surprised by how many women were there! I would guess there were 12-15 women, of varying ages, and they meet weekly, which was a definite plus for me. One of the women retired after teaching art in elementary school for thirty years and graciously offered to give a basic drawing lesson to all of us. I have always wished I could draw, so this opportunity excited me greatly. Above is my end result of our lesson. I'm already looking forward to next week. If you don't have any real world artsy-craftsy friends, go getcha' some. Blogger friends are awesome, but they're hard to knit with.


  1. Christina,
    Happy Valentines Day! I love your blog you are so witty and fun. Deann

  2. Perspective is always so tricky..and I am finding that out with the shadow thingy in my digital s/w so I really really Admire those shapes and the shadow/perspective that you drew!
    You can draw..truly.

  3. How wonderful to connect in-person and on a regular basis with other creatives. Keep drawing and your confidence and skills will soar. You are off to a great start.

    Thanks for coming out to play today.

    Happy Valentine's Day
    {soul hugs}

  4. Great start on your drawing journey. How wonderful to connect with a local group you can meet and share ideas with! Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Happy Valentines Day and best wishes to you!

  6. Sounds like fun! Your drawing looks great!

    Thanks for the comment on the dollar store crafts blog!