Friday, January 2, 2009

whoo hoo?

After a day of running errands and spending some time visiting with Michael's parents, we managed to make it back home with an hour or so to spare before the excitement of ringing in the new year. M went upstairs to change clothes and I settled in with my laptop to check facebook and my blogroll. I tried to tune in for Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve, but watching Dick post-stroke just made me sad. I was going to try to stick in there, though, when the announcement came that the -GASP! Wait for it!- Jonas Brothers were up next. Sorry, Dick. If you weren't depressing enough, the Jonas Bros sealed the deal. Comedy Central here I come!

With South Park droning on in the background I got kind of caught up in my blog reading. I eventually became aware of an increase in the number of fireworks being set off in my neighborhood. I glanced at the clock and realized it was 12:03. I missed 2009.

I called my mom to see how the wild festivities were at her house. She had apparently not given up on Dick and got to see the ball drop. My son called while we were talking, so I left mom to share a quick new year greeting with Collin. Magically, as if somehow tipped off, Michael appeared as well, clearly having just woken up. "Changing clothes," turned into, "laying down for a second." I got my kiss, though, and that's what was most important, right?

While the actual changing of the calendar left a bit to be desired, the blog reading got my creative juices going. On Monday I had dreamed (Yes, really!) about making yarn out of a pair of old jeans that have been laying around here forever. What better time than the present, I thought, and decided to give things a whirl. The results are promising so far. I'll have to see how things work themselves out. If things go even remotely well I may give writing my very first tutorial a shot. Try not to go blue holding your breath for that one.

I've taken the "Creative Everyday 2009" pledge, so I worked on my "yarn" a bit more today. I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised so far. OH! I made a squid today, too! That has to count as creative, doesn't it?

I'm about to end the day by jotting down a quick poem and doodling a bit in my creativity journal. Although her entrance was mild, I'm really looking forward to 2009 and seeing what treasures she holds in store for the upcoming year. I'm rolling the dice and hoping for sevens.

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  1. I totally think making a squid counts a creative activity - and congrats on signing up for creative every day!

    and thanks for dropping by my blog . . .